Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the KarmaPoints platform?

The KarmaPoints platform allows consumers to influence how companies should support communities, help people and protect the planet.

What does the KarmaPoints platform achieve?

- For customers: the platform empowers us as consumers to play a role in influencing corporate behaviours and community outcomes – thus democratizing CSR (corporate social responsibility) decisions. The platform also rewards consumers with KarmaPoints, which can be redeemed for promotions from participating redemption partners.

- For companies: the platform allows corporate brands to showcase their community agenda and involve their customers in influencing the outcomes. Brands can better understand the communities that they operate in, and what matters the most to their customers.

- For charities: the platform allows charities to showcase the work that they do in the communities including the tangible outcomes that they strive to achieve.

How does the KarmaPoints platform work?

1. Click the link in your referral email, to go straight to the KarmaPoints voting page.

2. Read about the available charity project initiatives and then cast your votes for one or more projects, to earn KarmaPoints. The more transaction you do with our corporate partners, the more votes you can cast, and the more KarmaPoints you can earn.

3. Redeem KarmaPoints for the available promotions from Redemption partners.

You can also refer friends to the platform to help build up support for the charity projects and to earn you extra KarmaPoints.

You may also receive an invitation from our corporate partners to partake, alongside their employees, in community events helping the charities that you voted for.

Can anyone join the KarmaPoints platform?

Anyone who receives a referral link by email can join KarmaPoints. Referral links are issued by our brand partners or by our existing KarmaPoints customers. Our first brand partner is Standard Chartered bank ( ).

How can I earn KarmaPoints?

You earn KarmaPoints by voting for charity projects on the platform. The more transactions you do with our corporate brand partners, the more you can vote, and the more KarmaPoints you can earn.

Additionally, once you have cast your first vote, we currently offer one free vote every day. When you cast these free votes, they also earn you KarmaPoints.

Are my KarmaPoints transferable to another country?

KarmaPoints are specific to an individual country and can only be redeemed in the country where they were earned.

Can I vote for more than one charity project?

Yes. Each of your votes will then be split across the selected charity projects.

How long can I hold on to my votes before casting them?

Your votes will stay as “Pending Votes” until you cast them. There is currently no expiry date on such Pending Votes. This policy will be reviewed periodically, and any changes will be notified via our website.

How long are my KarmaPoints valid for?

Your KarmaPoints currently have no expiry date set. This policy will be reviewed periodically, and any changes will be notified via our website.

How many KarmaPoints will I earn for each vote that I cast?

Currently, customers of Standard Chartered bank (as identified by your email ID registered with us) will earn 5 KarmaPoints for every vote cast.

Customers who are not customers of Standard Chartered bank, will earn 1 KarmaPoint per vote.

Occasionally, we may run marketing campaigns to further boost the number of KarmaPoints earned for each vote.

I believe I should have more Pending Votes, because I believe I did more transactions with the corporate brand partner. What should I do?

The number of Pending Votes granted to you depends on the number of transactions reported to us by the corporate brand partner. Please check any transaction statement you may have received from the corporate or contact the corporate directly to verify the number of qualifying transactions.

What happens with my voting information?

Your voting information is reported to the corporate brand partners linked to the charity projects that you voted for. Corporate brand partners will see which charity projects received how many votes, and from how many people. Corporate partners may then use this information to tailor or adjust their community engagement programme. Corporate partners may also use the voting information to invite you to corporate events in the community.

How much money are KarmaPoints worth?

We do not ascribe KarmaPoints with a fixed monetary value. Instead, the value to you will be determined by the redemption offers from the Redemption Merchants, who will independently determine how many KarmaPoints need to be redeemed against each promotion.

Can I refer friends to join the KarmaPoints platform?

Yes, please do! Joining KarmaPoints is by referral only. So why shouldn’t you be the one to invite them! Provided that your friend’s email ID is not already registered with us, you and your friend will receive bonus Pending Votes, which can then be converted to KarmaPoints by voting. You will also receive more bonus pending votes when your friends invite their friends!! Please note, that your referred friends would need to transact with at least one of our corporate brand partners before they can redeem their KarmaPoints.

I would like to propose other popular brand partners to be added on to the KarmaPoints platform. How can I do that?

Please use our Refer a Brand feature, to send us names of the corporate brands you would like to see added to the platform. If there is plenty of interest from customers to invite certain brands, then we may approach them with a proposal.

Can I make a charity donation via the platform?

Currently we do not have a feature (or permission!) to collect donations on behalf of charities. Please contact charities directly if you would like to donate.

I have a query about my redemption coupon or redemption offer. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the Redemption partner directly with any queries relating to the redemption coupon or the redemption offer.

Can I change my mind about my voting choices or KarmaPoints redemptions?

Votes that have been cast, cannot be undone. Also, KarmaPoints that have been redeemed, cannot be reinstated.

I am already a customer of one of the listed corporate brand partners, but I have not received a referral email invitation from them. So how can I join KarmaPoints?

Our corporate brand partners send periodic referral emails containing a personalized invitation link, to all their registered customers. Please check which email address you have registered with that corporate brand partner and then check that mailbox (including the spam/junk folder!) for the email from the corporate brand partner, introducing you to KarmaPoints. If you don’t see such an email then, please contact the corporate brand to check why you have not received your personalized invitation email, to join KarmaPoints.

I have a technical issue while using the platform. How can I get some support?

Please email us at . Alternatively, send us a message at

I would like to suggest an additional feature to add to the KarmaPoints platform?

We welcome your feedback on what features you would love to see added to our platform! Please email us at . Alternatively, send us a message at

Last updated: 05th Feb 2022
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